The Happy Newspaper - Issue 33 - ADVENTURE!

The Happy Newspaper - Issue 33 - ADVENTURE!

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Your quarterly wholesome source of positivity!

Issue 33 - the theme is ADVENTURE!  

A great edition to a present! 

**🌈 What's Inside Issue 33:**
- Inspiring Stories: Discover uplifting tales from around the globe that celebrate the strength, kindness, and resilience of individuals and communities.
- Positive Artwork: Immerse yourself in a visual feast of delightful illustrations and vibrant creations - designed to spread joy and spark creativity.
- Feel-Good Features: From tips to heartwarming stories from around the globe, this issue is, as always, brimming with content that fosters a positive mindset and encourages a brighter outlook on life.

The Happy Newspaper celebrates all that’s good in the world; sharing positive news and wonderful people. The first issue launched in December 2015 thanks to 73 people who pledged towards a Kickstarter campaign which ended up reaching the target of £500 in just two days. Since then, The Happy Newspaper has been released quarterly, containing happy news which has been collected over a period of three months.

The newspaper is a 32-page publication organised chronologically, with news articles arranged month by month. Not only is the paper packed with only positive stories from across the globe, it also has an entire section dedicated to Everyday Heroes nominated by the paper's readers to feature in the paper because they add a little bit of sunshine to the world.

Each issue is based around a theme and includes various features, poems, showbiz, food and more combined with beautifully colourful illustrations throughout. As you may have noticed, this is not your typical newspaper!

The whole thing began as a very small idea in the whirlwind brain of designer and illustrator Emily Coxhead. At just 22-year-old she began to realise the negative effect that the news was having whilst going through a difficult time herself. 

I stock this all from listening to and feeling inspired by a podcast she was on with Holly Tucker MBE. 

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