The Story

I have joked with many people that I might rename Ticketyboo 'The Lockdown Shop'. 

It was in the very first Lockdown my Dad called me one day and asked me if I would like to take Ticketyboo on as my own.  I bit his hand off!  I didn't hesitate in saying YES!  There were a few tears too. 

Ticketyboo was my parents' gift shop for many years, and prior to that (for even longer), it was the village greengrocers, 'Sutherland Stores', when I was a little girl. 

What a very special thing to be asked and offered!

I spent most of 2020 renovating the shop, refitting it and doing a lot of research and planning.  I inherited my parents' stock and sourced my own too.

The plan was to open on 7 November and I worked hard towards this date, however on the evening of Halloween the November Lockdown was announced. 

I marched on regardless and pulled up the blinds for all to see inside on 18 November.  I started to post more on social media and found myself doing 'click & collects' and even shipping further afield across the UK.  

I was finally allowed to open on 2 December and had the best, very busy, 2 weeks and 3 days of being open.  However Kent went into Tier 4 on 19 December and I haven't been able to open my yellow door to the public since. 

I spent the rest of December shipping to social media customers and local click and collects/deliveries.  I have continued like this ever since, because we of course hit full Lockdown again in January.

The shop being physically closed has enabled me to create this website, and I look forward to running both this and the actual shop together when Lockdown is lifted, which we all hope will be for the very last time!