Pink Panther - Fabric Gift Wrap
Pink Panther - Fabric Gift Wrap

Pink Panther - Fabric Gift Wrap

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This recycled plastic fabric is smooth and graceful to wrap with.  

This furoshiki gift wrap, made by brand Wrapuccino, is made of satin, hand-sewn to perfection and will last for many, many years.

You can reuse it creatively in many ways - that's why furoshiki is called the "fabric of a thousand uses".   

Use as a neck scarf, hair tie, bag decoration etc., or simply reuse again and pass on!  Or even a napkin/home decoration! 

Medium size M (50x50cm) is great for wrapping gifts such as books, medium-size boxes, cosmetics, perfumes, candles etc. 

Handing a gift wrapped in fabric is extra special, you show you care on so many levels: about the person, the environment, but also about beauty, style and presentation.

Effectively, you’re giving the lucky recipient two gifts. With Wrapuccino, they put a modern twist on the ancient Japanese art of furoshiki and combined creativity, ecology and thoughtfulness.

Made in Poland.

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