The Molar Bear
The Molar Bear
The Molar Bear

The Molar Bear

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The Molar Bear started as a family business in the UK, and was founded by a new Dad wanting to create a product to support his baby daughter through her teething journey.

Designed with curves and edges, smooth and bumpy surfaces, BPA and plastic free, tried and true. It's ideal for a teething baby.

Easy grip and can even be worn on little wrists. 

Very good pain relief. 

Fridge freezer friendly. 

Dishwasher or steriliser safe. 

FDA approved. 

Non toxic and environmentally friendly. 

Fully compliant with Health & Safety regulations. 

Perfect texture. 

Length: 103.98mm
Width: 75.66mm
Depth: 10.05mm

0+ months 

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