MAKE Bath Replenish Pink Grapefruit Bath Foam 500ml

MAKE Bath Replenish Pink Grapefruit Bath Foam 500ml

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A range of natural skincare and bath products, hand-made in Somerset. MAKE uses only the best natural and active ingredients including a range if essential oils, vitamins and extracts. They grow and distil their own therapeutic grade lavender oil. Packaged in brightly coloured glass, MAKE is a popular gift product with a loyal and returning customer base.

Bath Replenish contains a delicious blend of pure pink grapefruit essential oil, steam distilled geranium, rose otto and ylang ylang essential oils. 

No sodium laureth sulphate, parabens, artificial perfumes or colours, preferring to harness the natural powers of plants to nourish and scent your skin.

Size: 500ml

None of the products or ingredients used are either tested on animals or animal derived.

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