Amber 30cl Black Candle
Amber 30cl Black Candle

Amber 30cl Black Candle

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A blend of warm, powdery, sweet scents that smells musky and rich with a hint of spice.

30cl Candle - 530g 

Burn Time: up to 50 hours

H9.4 x Dia. 8cm

Candle Lighting:

Always trim wicks to 1/2 cm before lighting. The first time you light your candle, let it burn for 4 hours to allow the melted wax to reach the edge of the container this will prevent your candle from tunnelling. 

Candle Safety:

Keep lit candles away from drafts, never leave a burning candle unattended. Extinguish all candles when you leave a room. A candle should not be burned for more than four hours at a time. For safety, do not burn any lower than 1/2cm from the bottom of the glass.

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